Churchfelle Spa

Our main layout is a “round and round” layout with a multitrack fiddle yard. There are two main lines and a branch, all of which allow continuous running. The main station itself offers plenty of space for trains to pass, along with terminating platforms and an extensive goods yard.

The layout isn’t based on any particular region, allowing it to cater for the tastes of all our members. Our fortnightly theme nights, covering many different regions, allow a wide variety of engines and stock to run and for our members to showcase their particular interests. It is essentially complete but in the future we’d like to add improvements such as fitting point motors to the fiddle yard and adding fully functional signalling.

The layout is permanently erected at our main clubroom meaning that we can have the full evening operating it with no wasted time in setting up.


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Oakbourne is the new ‘OO’ gauge exhibition layout of the East Surrey Model Railway Club. It is a fictitious terminus station set on a truncated secondary route. It survived to serve the town and its factory which sees significant freight traffic. It also receives regular general goods traffic for the town.

The layout is kept deliberately geographically unspecific in order to cater for member’s varying interests and can run on DC (tradition analogue) or DCC (digital) power.
Future plans include replacing some of the buildings with scratchbuilt versions tailor made for the location, refining the scenery in other areas, such as further weathering and, in the longer term, expanding the layout with an extra baseboard at either end. Work has now started on the extension to make Oakbourne a through station. This will increase the layout length to 20 feet.

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